Python for high-performance data science

Stay in Python, improve execution speed 10-100x, leverage parallel processing & GPU acceleration. No specialized programming required.

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Everything in one data science platform

An all-inclusive Python-compatible platform for data science.

Everything you need in one place

Code in your browser, launch notebooks with one click and manage your projects with zero hassle.


10-100x performance gains, native GPU acceleration, multithreading, distributed processing and reduce infrastructure costs.

Cloud resources

Harness the full range of cloud resources. Need 100 CPUs? Terabyte of RAM? GPUs? No problem.

Go from concept to results in minutes, not months.

Don’t let big data hinder your productivity

Exaloop in a nutshell


Python Compatible

Exaloop Studio



Exaloop Engine

Deployment Flexibility


Exaloop AI

A rich suite of AI tools right at your fingertips.

Python code

Optimize your Python code automatically to leverage the full power of Exaloop.

code creation

Transform your ideas into functional code effortlessly. Write what you want in plain English, and let our AI handle the rest

language debugging

Have natural language interactions with your code for intuitive programming and debugging.

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Unleash the power of Python for high-performance data science

Why Exaloop?

Exaloop empowers data scientists to achieve breakthrough results by breaking down the barrier between Python’s ease of use and raw performance & scalability. With Exaloop, data science teams can stay in Python while also benefiting from significant improvements in speed. All without the need for specialized engineering skills.


No specialized skills are required. No dependency on rewriting code in C++ or Rust.


Decrease time-to-market by achieving outstanding improvements in execution speed, multiprocessing, and GPU acceleration.


Lower development and computing costs and gain faster results with less time spent running in the cloud.

Extract critical insights from your data faster than ever before

What our community
is saying

“Codon support. 74 times speedup compared to Python”

This set of changes adds ability to compile with Codon. The result is a 74 X speedup!

Oct 17, 2023

“Thank you, for making Python fast like C/C++. It's real”

On the CPU, the Python solution runs as fast as C++. The performance on the GPU is mind boggling. It does chunking, allowing one to specify a large N (e.g. 1 billion) and not worry about depleting GPU memory.

Aug 3, 2023

“Profound Achievement”

Your work is magnificent and inspirational. Codon is a glorious achievement and will influence the landscape of future human machine endeavors. Combining the high performance of native binaries and the intuitive natural cognitive ergonomics of Python is the best of both worlds. Big Ups to this team. Bravo.

Mar 18, 2023