Welcome to Exaloop: Your Ultimate Data Science Environment

Tired of juggling different tools and environments for your data science & engineering projects? Exaloop’s powerful UI streamlines your workflow and makes data science and analytics a breeze.

Workspaces for Data Science Projects

Create dedicated workspaces for each of your data science projects. Organize your work, data, and code efficiently, keeping everything in one place. No more hunting for files or losing track of project components.

Integrated Code Editor

Say goodbye to the hassle of switching between different code editors. Exaloop’s integrated code editor is based on VS Code and provides a seamless coding experience. Write, edit, and run your Python code without leaving the platform.

Cloud-Based Code Execution

Don’t limit your computing power to your local machine. With Exaloop, you can run your code on the cloud, utilizing the full range of cloud resources. Execute data-intensive tasks with ease and efficiency.

The Power of the Cloud at your Fingertips

Leverage the entire spectrum of cloud resources. Whether it’s additional storage, GPUs, or more processing power, Exaloop seamlessly integrates with the cloud for all your data processing needs.

Execution Monitoring and History

Track the progress of your code executions in real-time. Stay informed about execution status and access execution history, making it easy to diagnose issues and optimize your workflow

Unleash the Full Power of Exaloop

Exaloop’s UI is a gateway to the full power of the Exaloop engine. Benefit from the platform’s native code speed, multithreading, GPU programming, optimized libraries, and user-friendly interface, all within a browser-based environment.